Mod 0

What is Mod 0?

Mod 0 is a prerequisite course for both of the programs at Turing. Students must meet all expectations to complete Mod 0 successfully in order to join us full time in Mod 1 at Turing. Additionally,  Mod 0 and Mod 1 must be taken consecutively to ensure the best student experience.

Mod 0 is currently offered in two formats:

- One-week intensive (9-10 hours/day) which takes place 3-4 weeks before the Mod 1 start date (recommended).

- Part-time series of 5 sessions and some self-paced work outside of live sessions, over the course of 2.5 weeks (totaling about 25 hours/week).

Details about dates and times of Mod 0 sessions are available at on the Mod 0 site. Information on how to prepare for your first Mod 0 session including zoom links will be available in Slack, which students are invited to about 3 weeks before their Mod 0 start date.