Welcome to Turing

We're happy you're joining us!

Please read through this list carefully and complete all steps to formally enroll at Turing.

Accept Populi Invite

After you have been accepted you will receive an invitation to create your user profile in our Student Information System (SIS), Populi. The subject line of this email will be “Welcome to Populi.” If you do not receive this email contact the admissions team at admissions@turing.edu. **Please include your full legal name**

Complete Registration Surveys

When you set up your account you will see that you have 4 applications in progress on the dashboard. These are actually 3 surveys (New Student Information Survey, Intake Survey, & Demographic Survey), and a High School Transcript request form.

The surveys will help us prepare your enrollment agreement and get to know you better. As an accredited institution, we are required to collect Social Security Numbers. This information will be securely stored in Populi and only accessible by the Registrar and Finance Team.

Once your surveys have been submitted and approved by staff, you will be registered for your assigned Mod 0 and Mod 1 sessions. You will receive emails from Populi confirming your registration.

Submit High School Transcript

If you have not submitted a valid high school transcript it is required to attend Turing, please contact admissions@turing.edu ASAP.  Transcripts must be received PRIOR to the start of your chosen cohort. Upload the transcript file to the form and you're all set! Delayed receipt of a transcript will result in deferral to a later cohort.

If you have questions about high school transcripts, please reach out to registrar@turing.edu.  NOTE: If you graduated from high school in the US, your school is required to keep records. You can request them by visiting this website.  (This is a third-party site and Turing cannot endorse it as a reliable or an exhaustive resource.)

Sign Enrollment Agreement

Once registration is complete, you will receive your enrollment agreement via email. This must be electronically signed immediately. An incomplete enrollment agreement will result in deferral to a later cohort. If you have questions about your enrollment agreement, please reach out to registrar@turing.edu.

Pay Tuition Deposit to Finalize Enrollment

After signing your enrollment agreement, you will receive an invoice via Populi for your $1,200 deposit.

Your seat is is not secured & you are NOT considered enrolled until this is paid.

Receive Laptop

We will be shipping your laptop after you have completed steps 2-6 above. Please verify your physical shipping address to ensure you receive your laptop. Shipping times vary. While we work hard to have it arrive prior to your Mod 0 session start, there are occasional delays. All students are required to take the laptop that is provided with tuition. You will receive an email with the tracking number once your computer has shipped. Please add ramiro@turing.edu to make sure you receive these emails. Please reach out to Ramiro if you have laptop-related questions.

Schedule Financial Aid Counseling

After you've paid your deposit, please set up a Financial Aid Intake meeting with Tamika. You can view her calendar here.

Pay Tuition

Your tuition balance must be paid in full 30 days before your Mod 1 session begins. For questions about due dates and payments, visit the Tuition Due Dates page. Please communicate with us - we are happy to work with you! Any delay in payment could result in deferral to a later cohort. If you have further questions, please reach out to Tamika at tamika@turing.edu.

If you are a student who wants to use the GI Bill to fund your time at Turing, please follow the instructions listed here. If you have any questions, reach out to Darren at darren@turing.edu.

Prepare for Mod Zero

Get familiar with the Mod 0 Curriculum Site; this has all resources and requirements for completion of Mod 0.

Check the Mod 0 Calendar to find your cohort's orientation. Your attendance is required. Please make preparations to attend. If you cannot attend, please reach out to Emma at emma@turing.edu as soon as possible.

Review Academic Calendar and Course Catalog

Review the Academic Calendar and Course Catalog on the Documents page. In the Course Catalog, you will find a lot of helpful information, including our policies, grading practices, and code of conduct. These are great sources of information to assist with your enrollment and time in the program.