Student Account Services

The Office of Student Accounts provides a range of services to students, faculty, and staff of Turing School. These services include: answering questions regarding billing and collecting tuition, and all applicable fees; and disbursing private and institutional aid, stipends, and refund checks.

In addition, the Office of Student Accounts offers a tuition payment plan option for students who cannot pay tuition in full upfront. The Office processes all payments for students and staff related to tuition and payment plans. The staff regularly interacts with other offices to resolve discrepancies with accounts.

It is the mission of the office to strive for excellence in providing services to its constituents. The Office of Student Accounts is charged with safeguarding the school's assets for which we are responsible, adhering to all applicable policies and procedures mandated by the federal, state, and local governments, the Board of Directors of Turing, and/or the administration of Turing. In addition, the specific responsibilities of the office are to provide timely and accurate information to students/faculty and staff regarding account balances and disbursements and to collect all tuition fees.