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Instructional Team

Turing instructors blend a deep knowledge of education pedagogy and classroom experience with expertise in software development.

Mike Dao

Instructional Operations & Instructor

Over the course of Mike’s diverse career he has worked in an information warfare lab, an academic information and technology department, and at Apple Retail where he led his own service team. Following a stint in corporate information technology, Mike was eager to shift away from procedural work and looked to programming as a means to be creative within his technical career. Attracted to Turing School’s unique focus on high quality education and cohesive community, Mike blends his customer focus, OS X education, and DevOps experience as an instructor.

William 'Ian' Douglas

Senior Instructor

Ian's programming knowledge started as a child in the 1980's, and has been an industry programmer since 1996. Ian has worked at many startups through mid-sized companies in many industries, such as education, entertainment, e-commerce, finance, consultancies, marking, and gaming. His education background is in Computer Engineering and low-level coding, but he loves test-driven development and API architecture. Ian believes this industry is a source of never-ending knowledge, and he loves to expand his learning through new technologies. At Turing, he brings his knowledge of software development, coaching, and career advice to our programs and students and finds joy through others' success. When he's not at Turing, he enjoys family time going to the dog parks, road trips and bike rides, and 3D printing.

Scott Ertmer

Assistant Instructor

Scott was an artist and high school visual arts teacher for seven years before attending Turing and joining the Front-End instructor team. He sees teaching art and programming as similar because beginning level students look at high level skill and wonder how someone did that project. He wants his students to take risks that lead to growth and know that skill comes from diligence, not a magical gift. The power of programming lies in its infinite creative possibilities. Scott chose programming so he would never stop learning and he views it as another artistic medium. Outside of teaching, he enjoys skating, drawing, hiking and camping. When he still taught high school, Scott designed an elective class called Skateboarding and Design where he worked with students to design painted and shredded custom skateboards.

Ellen Mary Hickmann

Senior Director of Programs

Ellen Mary is a coach, a facilitator, and a designer. With more than 13 years of working in K-12 education as a teacher and as an instructional coach, she moved on to support non-profits who are raising the standards of what is possible in the education industry. Over six years, Ellen Mary worked for Teach for America where she led the Teacher Leadership Team responsible for over 200 educators. She ultimately chose to join Turing because of the mission of the organization. As the Director of Professional Learning, she ensures that students are getting the best experience in the classroom and that the instructors are continually being supported and developed.

Amy Holt

Technical Programs Instructor

As a former middle school educator, Amy saw the curiosity spark in so many of her students when they had the opportunity to program. Having worked in a variety of schools, she knows that not all kids have the opportunity to access programming and even when they do, girls and students of color are less likely to get involved. Amy wanted to further her education so she could play a role in bringing access to tech and empowering all kids to see themselves in tech because we need better representation of those groups. As a Turing instructor, Amy brings her knowledge and experience in curriculum design and collaboration. When she's not at Turing, she loves to spend time with her two shih-tzus, Sodie and Oscar. She also loves her book club and listening to podcasts.

Hannah Hudson

Associate Instructor

Hannah had a variety of experience in both software and education before joining the team at Turing. Most recently, she worked as a front-end engineer for two different agencies. This experience helped her learn new languages and technologies quickly. As a young adult, Hannah didn't know programming was an option for her. After working for a few years as a high school special education teacher she was feeling unhappy in her role and someone suggested that she look into web development bootcamps. This piece of advice changed her career trajectory and she was excited to find a field with opportunities for continued learning and creative work. She also loves to bake and has been hired as a professional birthday cake baker. In her spare time she also enjoys rock climbing, traveling, and spending time with her husband and cat.

Robbie Jaeger


Robbie is a Front-End Instructor at Turing where he gives others the tools necessary to communicate and advance their own causes. He enjoys working with some of the latest technologies available in browsers like Progressive Web App features and using environmental device sensors. Before Turing, he was a computational fluid dynamics researcher and software technical writer, which sparked his passion for programming. When he's not at Turing, he's woodworking, hiking, fishing, cooking, or going on a run.

Leta Keane


As a former science educator at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Leta learned that critical thinking and curiosity are necessary skills in every field. She taught kids and families about biology, the power of asking questions, and the magic in the words 'I don't know, but let's find out!' Helping kids see themselves as scientists who can always keep asking questions and learning more has led her to the growth mindset she has today as an instructor at Turing. She knew she made the right career change because the field encourages her critical thinking, compassion, creativity, and courage in people by creating sites and applications that connect people with information, resources, and opportunities. When she's not at Turing, Leta enjoys writing, cooking, playing the piano and guitar, playing board games, reading and exploring Colorado's incredible outdoors.

Megan McMahon

Associate Instructor

Before Turing, Megan worked for Elsmere Education where she recruited students into an online Master of Legal Studies program for the University of Oklahoma. Prior to that, she worked in implementation and account management for a SaaS startup providing a Student Information System to small colleges around the country. She ended up choosing programming because she loves solving puzzles and figuring out the most efficient way to achieve a goal. She believes the power of programming is its constantly changing nature. There are constantly new tools and conventions coming out to solve ever more challenging problems. When she's not at Turing, she's a summer cyclist, winter skier, and year-round knitter.

Will Mitchell

Director of Front-End Engineering

Before joining Turing, Will worked as the Lead Developer for Brandzooka, an advertising start-up in Boulder CO. He managed their engineering team, as well as helped to architect and build their platform, working extensively with React, Redux, and Node.js. His technical skills as a full-stack developer are his most valued tools at Turing. He believes that programming gives people a tremendous toolset for building solutions to problems and touches every business, government agency, and home. When he's not at Turing, he loves to travel, live music, craft beer, and skiing.

Alex Robinson

Director of Back-End Engineering

Alex most recently worked with her husband to start a physical security consulting firm that helps schools, businesses and churches identify their security vulnerabilities and take the steps needed to keep their organization safe. Prior to that she led new product development teams as an engineering manager within a business accelerator. She believes that understanding how to program gives people the power to influence and contribute to technology that impacts our world in the most fundamental ways. Alex chose this career to could help diversify the perspectives and experiences that are taken into account when building technology, with a goal of making it better for all people instead of just some people. As an instructor she is focused on helping students break a complex problem down into easy to solve steps. Outside of Turing, Alex enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, dancing and playing the piano.

Travis Rollins


Before Turing, Travis worked as a junior engineer at Spruce Labs where he was responsible for software scalability, development architecture, dependency management, and cross-browser compatibility issues. Whether it is streamlining a process for a user or giving a user the ability to do something they've never had access to, Travis believes programming is made by people for the people. He loves solving problems and creating experiences that provide a better experience for others, and as a result, programming was a natural fit for him. He hopes that his skills in team building, organization, and software development will help teach and build the community at Turing. When he's not at Turing, he enjoys producing hip-hop beats, eating great food, and playing video games.

Tim Tyrrell

Associate Instructor

Before joining Turing full-time, Tim was a part-time TA and worked as a Support Engineer in Boulder. Prior to that, he worked as a Full-Stack Engineer at Crownpeak. Tim uses his attention to detail, empathy and problem solving skills to ensure his students are successful and energized. Programming has the power to shape the future, and he loves that he gets to be a part of building it. In his spare time, Tim loves attending live music (especially when he can turn people on to the music of the Grateful Dead), reading, camping and exploring National Parks, and learning all he can to become a Jeopardy Champion.

Rachel Warbelow

Try Coding Instructor

Rachel is a teacher first, having started in Las Vegas with Teach for America in 2007 and continuing into 2014. In 2010 she and a partner started the Scholars Working OverTime (SWOT) program to propel students towards college. She got her start in programming through DevBootcamp’s Chicago program in 2013, at which point she began teaching programming to her students. Since they didn’t have computers, Rachel had them write code with paper and pencil before running a successful campaign to build a modern computer lab for the students. At Turing, Rachel works on our Academic Initiatives to improve the accessibility of our programs.

Eric Weissman

Mod 0 Lead Instructor

Eric is a passionate educator and entrepreneur with several years of experience working in high-needs classrooms across Colorado and building his own small business. Eric is drawn to the blend of problem solving, creativity and grit required to be a successful programmer. He empowers his students to push beyond their comfort zones and embrace the struggle with learning a new, challenging skill. Eric leans on experiences learning programming and his odd sense of humor to help students level up their development skills. When he is not at Turing, you can likely find Eric either on the slopes, on a golf course, attending a concert or hanging with his trio of rescued cats.

David Whitaker


After doing manual data entry and calculations using excel in previous jobs, he decided that he would learn how to program to streamline those processes. As a Turing student, he realized not only could he solve those problems, but he also really enjoyed programming. Before joining Turing as an instructor, he worked at Points of Light as a full-stack web developer building web applications to help people organize volunteer and volunteer opportunities in their communities. With this previous work experience, he brings new technical skills, communication, collaboration, and adaptability to Turing and his students. When he's not at Turing, he enjoys hanging out with his wife and their dog. He also enjoys cooking, eating, snowboarding, backpacking, hiking, and traveling.

Dione Wilson


Dione previously worked with an industrial company as a Customer Service Representative managing communication between internal departments and the organization and maintenance of shared documents. She transitioned to programming because it fulfilled her desire to have a career in which she could always continue to learn, problem solve, and contribute to something larger than herself, which she hopes benefits others. Ultimately, she believes programming allows you to be creative, explorative, and help others. When she's not at Turing, she enjoys photography and playing with her Boston Terrier, Piper.

Kayla Wood

Assistant Instructor

Prior to attending Turing as a student, Kayla was an educator in Denver Public Schools. After completing Turing, she worked as a Product Support Engineer. Her experience teaching people to conquer intimidating topics, like high school math, helps Kayla in her job as an instructor. She believes that everyone is capable of learning and gets excited about empowering people with skills that they thought were out of reach. She views programming as a creative outlet, and also enjoys expressing her creativity through all kinds of craft projects, including cross stitching, sewing, and weaving.

Brian Zanti


Before joining Turing, he worked on modernizing programs using Java Spring Boot and Angular for a government contractor and even researched and experimented with several robotics projects. He believes that programming is everywhere. He chose this field because of how impactful it is, the endless opportunities it presents, and its enormous potential for growth. Now as a Turing instructor, his communication, support, and willingness to step out of his comfort zone and take on new challenges are his biggest strengths. When he's not at Turing, he enjoys cooking and anything outdoors such as snowboarding, climbing, hiking, and camping.

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