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Leadership Team

Our leadership team embodies a deep commitment to social change and an unprecedented blend of teaching and programming expertise.

Jeff Casimir

Executive Director

Jeff is an experienced educator who now focuses on helping the Turing staff and students do their best work, see possibilites they might have missed, and become the people they want to be.

Sal Espinosa

Director of Employment

Sal brings a background in education and a passion for positive change to his work at Turing. Having taught for three years in Queens, New York, he went to work for a small consulting firm that focused on real estate for federal clients. Looking for a way to get back to Colorado where he was born, he turned to Turing School for the opportunity to leverage programming to make people’s lives easier. He joined the Turing team as a TA after graduating from the program in 2016, and eventually became the Director of the Back-End Program in 2018. Continuing to weave a deep commitment to service - whether to students, alums, homeowners, or veterans - Sal now serves as the Director of Employment where he coordinates our efforts to help graduates find their first developer role.

Courtney Haynes

Senior Director of Operations

Working for over a decade to expand economic opportunity across policy and direct service, specifically in education, workforce and healthcare Courtney has been a part of numerous teams and organizations, working to bring diverse stakeholders together and create sustainable change. Most recently, she served as Vice President of Operations and External Affairs at Hope Street Group. Courtney now oversees the operations team from recruitment to job support at the Turing School; and is passionate about ensuring all students are successful and on the path for a career in technology. She also works to expand Turing’s partnerships and programs with a goal to be more integrated into the Denver community.

Ellen Mary Hickmann

Senior Director of Programs

Ellen Mary is a coach, a facilitator, and a designer. With more than 13 years of working in K-12 education as a teacher and as an instructional coach, she moved on to support non-profits who are raising the standards of what is possible in the education industry. Over six years, Ellen Mary worked for Teach for America where she led the Teacher Leadership Team responsible for over 200 educators. She ultimately chose to join Turing because of the mission of the organization. As the Director of Professional Learning, she ensures that students are getting the best experience in the classroom and that the instructors are continually being supported and developed.

Rachel Martinez

Director of Finance & Administration

Rachel brings a completely unique skill set to Turing School, serving as our Director of Finance & Administration. She is an attorney specialized in general business practice. Prior to joining us, Rachel served the role of general counsel to many businesses on a contractual basis. She also has expertise maintaining the corporate governance of a non-profit organization, which proves vital to our own organizational structure. This expertise is rounded out by her professional experience in human resources and management capacity. As Turing School’s Director of Finance & Administration, Rachel utilizes her past experience to manage all legal and compliance aspects of running our nonprofit organization.

Will Mitchell

Director of Front-End Engineering

Before joining Turing, Will worked as the Lead Developer for Brandzooka, an advertising start-up in Boulder CO. He managed their engineering team, as well as helped to architect and build their platform, working extensively with React, Redux, and Node.js. His technical skills as a full-stack developer are his most valued tools at Turing. He believes that programming gives people a tremendous toolset for building solutions to problems and touches every business, government agency, and home. When he's not at Turing, he loves to travel, live music, craft beer, and skiing.

Alex Robinson

Director of Back-End Engineering

Alex most recently worked with her husband to start a physical security consulting firm that helps schools, businesses and churches identify their security vulnerabilities and take the steps needed to keep their organization safe. Prior to that she led new product development teams as an engineering manager within a business accelerator. She believes that understanding how to program gives people the power to influence and contribute to technology that impacts our world in the most fundamental ways. Alex chose this career to could help diversify the perspectives and experiences that are taken into account when building technology, with a goal of making it better for all people instead of just some people. As an instructor she is focused on helping students break a complex problem down into easy to solve steps. Outside of Turing, Alex enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, dancing and playing the piano.

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