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Leadership Team

Our leadership team embodies a deep commitment to social change and an unprecedented blend of teaching and programming expertise.

Jeff Casimir

Executive Director

Jeff is an experienced educator who now focuses on helping the Turing staff and students do their best work, see possibilities they might have missed, and become the people they want to be.

Sal Espinosa

Director of Employment

Sal brings a background in education and a passion for positive change to his work at Turing. Having taught for three years in Queens, New York, he went to work for a small consulting firm that focused on real estate for federal clients. Looking for a way to get back to Colorado where he was born, he turned to Turing School for the opportunity to leverage programming to make people's lives easier. He joined the Turing team as a TA after graduating from the program in 2016, and eventually became the Director of the Back-End Program in 2018. Continuing to weave a deep commitment to service - whether to students, alumni, homeowners, or veterans - Sal now serves as the Director of Employment where he coordinates our efforts to help graduates find their first developer role.

Courtney Haynes

Senior Director of Operations

Working for over a decade to expand economic opportunity across policy and direct service, specifically in education, workforce and healthcare, Courtney has been a part of numerous teams and organizations, bringing diverse stakeholders together and creating sustainable change. Most recently, she served as Vice President of Operations and External Affairs at Hope Street Group. Courtney now oversees the operations team from recruitment to job support at the Turing School, and is passionate about ensuring all students are successful and on the path for a career in technology. She also works to expand Turing's partnerships and programs with a goal to be more integrated into the Denver community.

Ellen Mary Hickmann

Senior Director of Programs

Ellen Mary is a coach, a facilitator, and a designer. After more than 13 years of working in K-12 education as a teacher and as an instructional coach, she moved on to support non-profits who are raising the standards of what is possible in the education industry. For six years, Ellen Mary worked for Teach for America, where she led the Teacher Leadership Team responsible for over 200 educators. She ultimately chose to join Turing because of the mission of the organization. As the Senior Director of Programs, she ensures that students are getting the best experience in the classroom and that the instructors are continuously being supported and developed.

Rachel Martinez

Director of Finance & Administration

As an attorney specialized in general business practice, Rachel brings a completely unique skill set to Turing School, serving as our Director of Finance & Administration. Prior to joining us, Rachel held the role of general counsel for many businesses on a contractual basis. She also has expertise in human resources, management, and maintaining the corporate governance of a non-profit organization. As Turing School's Director of Finance & Administration, Rachel utilizes her past experience to manage all legal and compliance aspects of running our nonprofit organization.

Will Mitchell

Director of Front-End Engineering

Before joining Turing, Will worked as the Lead Developer for Brandzooka, an advertising start-up in Boulder, Colorado. He managed their engineering team and helped to architect and build their platform, working extensively with React, Redux, and Node.js. His technical skills as a full-stack developer are his most valued tools at Turing. He believes that programming gives people a tremendous toolset for building solutions to problems and touches every business, government agency, and home. When he's not at Turing, he loves traveling, live music, craft beer, and skiing.

Alex Robinson

Director of Back-End Engineering

Alex most recently worked with her husband to start a physical security consulting firm that helps schools, businesses and churches identify their security vulnerabilities and take the steps needed to keep their organization safe. Prior to that, she led new product development teams as an engineering manager within a business accelerator. She believes that understanding how to program gives people the power to influence and contribute to technology that impacts our world in the most fundamental ways. Alex chose this career to help diversify the perspectives and experiences that are taken into account when building technology, with a goal of making it better for all people, instead of just some people. As an instructor she is focused on helping students break a complex problem down into easy-to-solve steps. Outside of Turing, Alex enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, dancing and playing the piano.

Instructional Team

Turing instructors blend a deep knowledge of education pedagogy and classroom experience with expertise in software development.

Jeremiah Black

Instructional Teaching Assistant (Front-End)

Jeremiah graduated from Turing with the 2003 Frontend cohort in September, 2020. He was born and raised on Denver's East Side, and graduated from Denver East High School. Before Turing, he worked in hospitality, which consisted of a little bit of everything "front of house" in restaurants and bars. In college he studied English at Adams State University - and maintains creative writing as his most favorite hobby. His goal is to help his students become amazing and confident developers.

Dani Coleman

Teaching Assistant (Back-End)

Dani has been an athlete for most of her life, even playing at the professional level. She loves the camaraderie and teamwork mindset that athletics fosters. Wanting to remain in the health and fitness realm, Dani became a personal trainer. She loved the teaching and relationship building of training but felt constrained in her capacity to truly make an impact in this world. It was then that she began to look into the tech space; a massive platform to connect and make an impact. With the help of a friend and former trainer Dani was introduced to the Turing School. Making the decision to embark on a journey that felt completely unknown was life changing. She graduated from the Back-End program in Spring 2021 and is excited to continue her journey in helping others push beyond what they think is possible and step into a world of infinite possibilities. In her spare time, Dani enjoys photography, music, being in nature, hiking, exploring and learning to question everything that she thinks she knows.

Mike Dao

Instructional Operations & Instructor (Back-End)

Over the course of Mike's diverse career he has worked in an information warfare lab, an academic information and technology department, and at Apple Retail where he led his own service team. Following a stint in corporate information technology, Mike was eager to shift away from procedural work and looked to programming as a means to be creative within his technical career. Attracted to Turing School's unique focus on high quality education and cohesive community, Mike blends his customer focus, OS X education, and DevOps experience as an instructor.

Scott Ertmer

Associate Instructor (Front-End)

Scott was an artist and high school visual arts teacher for seven years before attending Turing and joining the Front-End instructor team. He sees teaching art and programming as similar, because beginning-level students look at high level skill and wonder how someone did that project. He wants his students to take risks that lead to growth and know that skill is not a magical gift, but rather comes from diligence. The power of programming lies in its infinite creative possibilities. Scott chose programming so he would never stop learning, and he views it as another artistic medium. Outside of teaching, he enjoys skating, drawing, hiking, and camping. When he still taught high school, Scott designed an elective class called Skateboarding and Design where he worked with students to design painted and shredded custom skateboards.

Heather Faerber

Assistant Instructor (Front-End)

Heather graduated from the 1908 Front End cohort. In the time between graduating and weaseling her way back into Turing as an instructor, she had a blast as a Salesforce Developer at Slalom Consulting, alongside several other talented Turing grads. Pre-Turing, Heather briefly taught high school Spanish before spending 10ish years teaching adulting, job, and communication skills as a manager in downtown Denver hotels. She is thrilled to use her time and talents to help Turing live out its mission by helping the students build their futures as capable, confident developers. She is very nice but does feel compelled to confess that she doesn't really like dogs that much, or cats. Please don't hold that against her.

Bob Gu

Associate Instructor (Back-End)

Bob attended the Turing school as part of the 1406 cohort and it was the one of the best decisions of his life. He has had the opportunity to work in a variety of different fields: fintech, cybersecurity, and the mental health space. Bob is excited and passionate about helping students find jobs through mastery of technical interviews, telling a good story, and always trying to find the pros and cons with any technical decision they make. Bob has a wonderful partner and 3 mostly wonderful step-kids that keep him super busy outside of Turing. Some of his hobbies include golf and gambling.

Hannah Hudson

Associate Instructor (Front-End)

Hannah had a variety of experience in both software and education before joining the team at Turing. Most recently, she worked as a front-end engineer for two different agencies. This experience helped her learn new languages and technologies quickly. After working for a few years as a high school special education teacher, Hannah was feeling unhappy in her role, and someone suggested that she look into web development bootcamps. This piece of advice changed her career trajectory, and she was excited to find a field with opportunities for continued learning and creative work. On the side, she loves to bake and has been hired as a professional birthday cake baker. In her spare time she also enjoys rock climbing, traveling, and spending time with her husband and cat.

Robbie Jaeger

Instructor (Front-End)

Robbie is a Front-End Instructor at Turing, where he gives others the tools necessary to communicate and advance their own causes. He enjoys working with some of the latest technologies available in browsers, such as Progressive Web App features and environmental device sensors. Before Turing, he was a computational fluid dynamics researcher and software technical writer, which sparked his passion for programming. When he's not at Turing, he's woodworking, hiking, fishing, cooking, or going on a run.

Leta Keane

Instructor (Front-End)

As a former science educator at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Leta learned that critical thinking and curiosity are necessary skills in every field. She taught kids and families about biology, the power of asking questions, and the magic in the words 'I don't know, but let's find out!' Helping kids see themselves as scientists who can always keep asking questions and learning more has led her to the growth mindset she has today as an instructor at Turing. She knows she made the right career change because the field encourages her critical thinking, compassion, creativity, and courage, and she is able to create sites and applications that connect people with information, resources, and opportunities. When she's not at Turing, Leta enjoys writing, cooking, playing the piano and guitar, playing board games, reading, and exploring Colorado's incredible outdoors.

Megan McMahon

Instructor (Back-End)

Before Turing, Megan worked for Elsmere Education, where she recruited students into an online Master of Legal Studies program for the University of Oklahoma. Prior to that, she worked in implementation and account management for a SaaS startup providing a Student Information System to small colleges around the country. She ended up choosing programming because she loves solving puzzles and figuring out the most efficient way to achieve a goal. She believes the power of programming is its constantly changing nature, as there are always new tools and conventions coming out to solve ever more challenging problems. When she's not at Turing, she's a summer cyclist, winter skier, and year-round knitter.

Jamison Ordway

Associate Instructor (Back-End)

Before joining Turing, Jamison was a full stack software engineer at User Interviews, whose mission is to help teams discover and embrace user insights. In the role prior to that they focused on Back-End development, and have a strong background in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. Jamison chose coding as a career because they want to influence the ways tech shapes our society. Their experience as a music instructor also helps with teaching code. Finding creative ways to demonstrate technical concepts is one of their focus areas. Outside of work, Jamison enjoys playing music, gardening, and playing both video and tabletop games.

Travis Rollins

Instructor (Front-End)

Before Turing, Travis worked as a junior engineer at Spruce Labs, where he was responsible for software scalability, development architecture, dependency management, and cross-browser compatibility issues. Whether it is streamlining a process for a user or giving a user the ability to do something they've never had access to, Travis believes programming is made by people for people. He loves solving problems and creating experiences that provide a better experience for others, and as a result, programming is a natural fit for him. His skills in team building, organization, and software development help build the community at Turing. When he's not at Turing, he enjoys producing hip-hop beats, eating great food, and playing video games.

Nik Seif

Assistant Instructor (Front-End)

Before joining Turing, Nik was a full-stack developer at a Silicon Valley startup, where her team created a product for inventors to publish their inventions. She has also volunteered to mentor career changers and women from under-represented communities in San Francisco and Durham. Before joining the tech industry, she worked in the field of architecture. Her design experience paired with her technical skills make her feel like she has unlimited possibilities for creative expression. Nik is passionate about creating learning systems that are accessible to all. In her free time, she loves learning anything new and mentoring women in tech, as well as camping, hiking, reading, and listening to podcasts.

Meg Stang

Associate Instructor (Back-End)

Meg studied math in college then taught middle school math for three years in Fort Collins, CO. She moved to Denver in 2018 to pursue a career in software engineering as a student in Turing's Back-End Engineering program. She blends her passion and skills in teaching with her technical background as an instructor on our Back-End team now. Meg spends 90% of her free time at a dog park with her perfect pups, Odell and Mose, and the other 10% on mountain bike trails.

Richard Tillies

Instructor (Back-End)

Richard, aka "Professor T", is an educator by trade with nearly 20 years of college classroom teaching experience in information technology and mathematics. His formal education includes degrees in Computer Science and IT Education. Within the tech industry, he held positions as a Database Specialist and Software Engineer. Outside of teaching and industry, "Professor T" is a certified kickboxing trainer and previously owned two kickboxing fitness studios in North Carolina. He can also perform a backflip and solve a Rubik's Cube (although not at the same time).

Cassandra Torske

Associate Instructor (Front-End)

Cass is excited to combine her love for education and coding as an instructor at Turing School. Before attending a coding bootcamp, she was a music educator for elementary students. After that, she spent a few years in the tech industry working for a consulting firm. As an instructor, she aims to guide students to consider the "why" of coding as well as how to do things that are maintainable and developer-friendly. She believes that the future is written in code. When Cass isn't teaching, she enjoys video games, playing the clarinet, and making art. She is also a closet ballerina!

Taylor Want

Associate Instructor (Front-End)

Prior to coming to Turing, Taylor started her career as a high school physics/computer science teacher, and then moved into building and managing equity-focused computer science education programs in her roles as Upperline Code's Director of Strategy and Operations, and's Head of Programs. She believes programming is a joyful, creative outlet and a significant pathway to economic mobility, and is passionate about increasing access to this life-changing career. Outside of work, she enjoys listening to audiobooks, playing ultimate frisbee, and eating all of the amazing food that New York City has to offer.

Rachel Warbelow

Try Coding Instructor

Rachel is a teacher first, having started in Las Vegas with Teach for America in 2007 and continuing into 2014. In 2010 she and a partner started the Scholars Working OverTime (SWOT) program to propel students towards college. She got her start in programming through DevBootcamp's Chicago program in 2013, at which point she began teaching programming to her students. Since they didn't have computers, Rachel had them write code with paper and pencil before running a successful campaign to build a modern computer lab for the students. At Turing, Rachel works on our Academic Initiatives to improve the accessibility of our programs.

Eric Weissman

Mod 0 Lead Instructor

Eric is a passionate educator and entrepreneur with several years of experience working in high-needs classrooms across Colorado while building his own small business. Eric is drawn to the blend of problem solving, creativity, and grit required to be a successful programmer. He empowers his students to push beyond their comfort zones and embrace the struggle when learning a new, challenging skill. Eric leans on experiences learning programming and his odd sense of humor to help students level up their development skills. When he is not at Turing, you can likely find Eric either on the slopes, on a golf course, attending a concert, or hanging with his trio of rescued cats.

Dione Wilson

Instructor (Back-End)

Dione previously worked with an industrial company as a Customer Service Representative managing communication between internal departments and the organization and maintenance of shared documents. She transitioned to programming because it fulfilled her desire to have a career in which she could always continue to learn, problem solve, and contribute to something larger than herself, which she hopes benefits others. Ultimately, she believes programming allows you to be creative, explorative, and help others. When she's not at Turing, she enjoys photography and playing with her Boston Terrier, Piper.

Kayla Wood

Associate Instructor (Front-End)

Prior to attending Turing as a student, Kayla was an educator in Denver Public Schools. After completing Turing, she worked as a Product Support Engineer. Her experience teaching people to conquer intimidating topics, like high school math, helps Kayla in her job as an instructor. She believes that everyone is capable of learning, and is passionate about empowering people with skills that they thought were unattainable. She views programming as a creative outlet, and also enjoys expressing her creativity through all kinds of craft projects, including cross-stitching, sewing, and weaving.

Brian Zanti

Instructor (Back-End)

Before joining Turing, Brian worked on modernizing programs using Java Spring Boot and Angular for a government contractor, and even researched and experimented with several robotics projects. He believes that programming is everywhere. He chose this field because of how impactful it is, the endless opportunities it presents, and its enormous potential for growth. Now as a Turing instructor, his communication, support, and willingness to step out of his comfort zone and take on new challenges are his biggest strengths. When he's not at Turing, he enjoys cooking and doing anything outdoors, such as snowboarding, climbing, hiking, and camping.

Operations Team

Our operations team is dedicated to keeping the program running efficiently and providing the very best in student support.

Jun Akiyama

Student Counselor

After graduating with a degree in Computational Linguistics, Jun spent years as a backend web developer working at University of Colorado - Boulder and the National Center for Atmospheric Research. More recently, Jun received his master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, specializing in Somatic Psychotherapy and Social Justice Counseling, and spent 3 years working with survivors of domestic violence in Boulder, Colorado. As the Student Counselor, Jun wishes to provide students and staff with mental and emotional support while taking into consideration sociocultural factors such as oppression, marginalization, and power dynamics—all the while harnessing the wisdom and intelligence inherent within one's somatic embodiment. In his spare time, Jun practices the martial art of aikido and the dance form of contact improvisation.

Ingrid Alongi

Advisor, Employer Relations

Ingrid founded Quick Left, a custom software consulting firm that was acquired by Cognizant in 2016. There, she led a number of initiatives and most recently ran the UX Research and Product Design Teams. Ingrid loves to solve problems and collaborate with others, and believes that writing code gives us the ability to do both. Whenever she isn't busy with work or her kids, she enjoys cycling and running.

Louisa Barrett

Senior Manager of Developer Relations

Louisa started her career as a graphic designer working on exhibit and interpretive design projects. As a designer, she saw firsthand how critical development skills are for people in creative industries. Having the skills to take an idea and turn it into something that people can use never gets old. Louisa loves building things that educate and bring joy to people, and making the transition from creating physical spaces to digital products has given her the opportunity to reach a wider audience. As the Senior Manager of Developer Relations, Louisa brings her particular focus on user experience, developer needs, and design to help build and leverage relationships within the Turing community.

Emma Byers

Community Engagement Coordinator

Emma's background is working in career exploration and development for high school students in Denver Public Schools. There, she connected students to internships and mentoring opportunities in technology. Prior to that, she worked in student services at both University of Denver and Metropolitan State University of Denver. As a self-proclaimed “connector,” Emma loves developing relationships and building community, which means that education and student support was a natural career path. At Turing, she works to create a community that ensures the student experience is fruitful academically, emotionally, and socially. In her free time she enjoys spending time with friends and family, her partner and their three cats, traveling internationally, reading, volunteering as a mentor, and wishing she was a contestant on The Great British Baking Show.

Ryan Frank

Career Specialist

Previously, Ryan worked in the Career Development Office at the Leeds Business School at the University of Colorado -Boulder, where he partnered with companies on career-related programming for students. This experience helped him understand both what employer partners are looking for and gave him insight into the technology and marketing industries. He is constantly impressed with the possibilities that software development creates for people, and likes helping people find their passion and realize their skills and abilities and how to apply those to find a job they love. In his free time, Ryan loves traveling, exploring art museums, eating, taking pole dancing classes as an intense and fun workout, and spending time with his husband and their pets - a Brazilian rainbow boa named Britney and two cats named Solange and Fenty.

Kaitlyn Van Gorkom

Onboarding Instructor

After nearly 10 years in K-12 mathematics and computer science education, Kaitlyn took a leap to pursue a new career in software development by enrolling in a part-time bootcamp at Nashville Software School. After realizing her heart was still in the classroom, she began searching for a way to combine her software development skills with her dedication to high-quality instruction. As a Turing instructor, Kaitlyn is passionate about helping people tap into their own unrealized potential. When she's not teaching people to code (or coding herself), she loves to salsa dance and spend time with the people she loves outdoors.

Kayt Hensley


Since Kayt comes from a family of developers, technology has always fascinated her and been a part of her life. Her previous work experiences include being a museum exhibit content developer, a teaching assistant, and a web designer for an erosion control supply company. Before joining Turing, she worked for The Iron Yard across four campuses guiding students through the code school lifecycle, from the first contact all the way through to alumni support. She loves that programming is something that anyone can learn and translate into a successful career. When she's not at Turing, she enjoys playing video games, music, exploring, and looking at architectural details.

Amy Holt

Technical Programs Instructor

As a former middle school educator, Amy saw the spark of curiosity in so many of her students when they had the opportunity to program. Having worked in a variety of schools, she knows that not all kids have the opportunity to access programming and that even when they do, girls and students of color are less likely to get involved. Amy wanted to further her education so she could play a role in bringing access to tech and empowering all kids to see themselves in the industry. As our Technical Programs Instructor and Try Coding lead, Amy brings her knowledge and experience in curriculum design and collaboration to everything she does. When she's not at Turing, she loves to spend time with her two shih-tzus, Sodie and Oscar. She also loves her book club and listening to podcasts.

Lindsey Lucero

Brand & Marketing Coordinator

Before Turing, Lindsey did marketing and communications campaigns to increase student enrollment, fundraising, and hiring of highly qualified teachers at a K-12 network of 11 schools called STRIVE Prep. This included a marketing mix of digital ad campaigns, direct mail, email marketing, social media, website development, and graphic design. She believes that programming has and will continue to evolve the way the entire human race lives. She joined Turing to make sure that there is representation in the work that goes into creating these programs that will affect her life and her community. When she's not at Turing, she enjoys cooking, yoga, photography, hiking, travelling, and spending time with friends and family.

Tracey Monteiro

Career Specialist

Tracey has over 5 years of career coaching, workshop design and delivery, leadership and team development experience. Before joining the Turing team, she worked at the Community College of Aurora, as a Career Advisor & Coach for the Strengthening Working Families Initiative. She supported students who were also parents pursuing careers in IT and Healthcare. She has also been successful at providing a range of services including one-on-one coaching, career exploration, writing and resume development. Tracey's passion is to provide practical solutions and techniques that help individuals achieve their personal and professional objectives and she views technology as a superpower that can positively impact world and social issues. Outside of her work, she enjoys dancing, listening to music, yoga and Zumba, and listening to podcasts.

Robyn Purvin

Partnership Manager

Prior to Turing, Robyn supported college and career readiness through Goodwill's Youth Services Program, where she trained individuals 17-21 years old on resumes, cover letters, goal setting, and career exploration. Robyn is passionate about people working in jobs they not only like, but love. With her strengths in resume/cover letter assistance, community outreach and relations, connecting people to resources, understanding a person's journey from school to career, and guidance and assistance in the job search process, Robyn wants to make sure that others are set up for success to find satisfaction and enjoyment in their jobs and careers. When she's not at Turing, she enjoys running a female empowerment group, mentoring youth, hiking, going to concerts, traveling all over the world, cooking, exploring street art, and being with family and friends.

Tamika Shipp

Financial Aid Coordinator

Before joining the team at Turing, Tamika worked as an Academic Advisor at a public college in southern Florida. There, she helped students decide which career path they would like to pursue, then develop a plan to reach their academic and career goals. At Turing, she helps students plan for their time at Turing so they can graduate successfully and launch careers in tech. Tamika views technology as one of the most important components of daily life and knows that people who can generate and produce new technologies possess some of the most powerful skills a person can have. Tamika is a military veteran and loves to travel, spend time with her family, and binge Netflix shows. She is a self-proclaimed tomboy and is always down for a game of football or a ride on an ATV.

Allison Reu Singer

Senior Manager of Career Development

Allison began her career as a Special Education teacher with Teach for America. She has since earned her MFA in creative writing and written her first novel, after which she continued her work in K-12 education through teacher evaluation and recruitment before working as an elementary school administrator. She is passionate about creating high quality educational opportunities for every person, regardless of background, which is what attracted her to Turing School. As our Senior Manager of Career Development, Allison plays an integral role helping the school increase opportunities for underrepresented groups in the programming world. She works tirelessly with our students to create a supportive, inclusive, and joyful culture at Turing School.

Darren Smith

Financial Services Manager

Darren brings to Turing a vast knowledge of resource allocation, access, and financial services in higher education. Previously, he worked in retail banking operations and is a veteran of the US Army. Darren believes student success is rooted in strong support and a bold financial plan. His goal is to ensure that all students have resources in place to be successful while attending school. Turing's mission for creating a more diverse and inclusive tech industry attracted him because his passion for individual accountability and community leadership drives him in everything he does. Darren enjoys spending time trying new restaurants with his partner, game nights with friends, and being outside with his puppy.

Chelsea Stallings

Student Recruitment Coordinator

Chelsea loves connecting with people and building authentic relationships, which was what attracted her to working in student recruitment at the Turing School. Previously, she worked to advocate for better health solutions for Coloradans at a pro-health nonprofit. As a millennial, she has lived the transition to a digital and tech-focused world, and knows it is crucial to have smart, capable, and confident programmers building technology for everyone. In her free time she likes to spend time outdoors and with her family and friends, read, and travel. Chelsea is also a phenomenal speller and is proud to have won the Hamilton County Spelling Bee when she was in 8th grade.

Lex Stewart

Career Specialist

Lex joins the Turing team with experience in public speaking, career coaching, and group facilitating. Her last job was working for a grant program under the Texas Department of Labor where she helped IT and Computer Science students at Austin Community College find apprenticeship opportunities in their field. Lex is excited to be in the tech industry because she believes the power of programming is limitless. When she's not helping people launch their careers, she facilitates board games and streams videos games on Twitch.

Jorge Téllez


Jorge Téllez has experience in product development, growth, innovation, and partnerships. He has launched public-private partnerships in the United States and Latin America to combat human trafficking, promote democracy, mitigate natural disasters, and enhance education. Always a believer in economic development, Jorge founded CeroUno, a tech upskilling company that has helped over 100 companies in Mexico build their technology capabilities. Jorge also helped create the startup ecosystem in Mexico by organizing one of the first Startup Weekends and a chapter of Hackers/Founders. Jorge was part of the founding team at Turing School, where he served as Director of Growth & Operations. He had a crucial role in building the school software, admissions pipeline, instructional curriculum, student outcomes reporting, and financial structuring, among other things. In his role as Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Jorge now works in launching new products and initiatives at Turing School.

Ramiro Vaca

Facilities & Events Manager

Ramiro is Turing's Facilities and Events Manager. Prior to that, he spent nine years serving the students and families at STRIVE Prep, a network of Denver Public Charter Schools, as a Program Manager and later as the Associate Director of Operations in the central office, where he supported the operations of 11 schools. With a passion for operations, problem-solving, and project management, his service-oriented mindset supports Turing students as they pursue their passion by making sure they have the best possible learning environment. Ramiro, who is originally from Quito, Ecuador, has a diverse professional background. He graduated from one of the most prestigious Agricultural Engineering universities in Ecuador and has worked as an apprentice for a master cheese maker, an elementary school English teacher, an assistant manager for the only two dairy farms in California authorized to produce and sell organic raw milk, and a manager at the highest producing dairy farm in Ecuador. When he is not at Turing, he enjoys outdoor adventures such as mountain and road biking, adventure and dual sport motorcycling, running, and family camping.

Tanner Welsh

Software Engineer

Tanner works at the intersections of education, technology, politics, and socioeconomic justice. After a non-traditional and multi-disciplinary education spanning multiple continents, he's worked as a web engineer and educator to increase access to technical skills and careers. In addition to working in education, Tanner worked alongside the founding team at Swayable (YC 2018) to design and build their core product. Beyond work, he likes to read and spend time exploring geographies both wild and humanized.

Erin Williams

Senior Manager of Admissions & Enrollment

In everything she does, Erin is an educator. After joining Teach for America in 2002, she spent 15 years in K-12 education, both as a teacher and an administrator. Erin has taught nearly every subject, and is particularly passionate about supporting historically excluded and underestimated groups to attain empowering leadership roles. The depth of our community and collaboration attracted Erin to Turing, where she serves as our Senior Manager of Admissions & Enrollment, applying her educational and administrative expertise to refine the new student experience. In her free time she enjoys reading, spending time with her amazing family, gardening, and traveling.

Board Team

Our Board is made up of recognized leaders in software development, business and education.

Erin Bassity

Board Secretary

Erin Bassity is a software engineer at Shutterstock and a graduate of Turing's 1701 backend cohort. Prior to becoming an engineer, she worked in communications and marketing for nonprofits and startups for more than 10 years. In 2018, she founded the Turing Alumni Committee to better connect and strengthen Turing's growing alumni network. Erin is passionate about equity and social justice.

Gordon Bronson

Board Member

Gordon is the Director of Urban Innovation & Civic Partnerships at REEF Technology. REEF's mission is to connect the world to your block by transforming underutilized urban spaces into neighborhood hubs that connect people to locally curated goods, services, and experiences. Prior to joining REEF, Gordon led Business Development & Corporate Affairs for Continuum Partners under CEO Mark Falcone, a Denver based real estate development firm specializing in large scale, highly innovative urban projects. Gordon formerly led Public Affairs at WeWork for the U.S. & Canada, where he built the regional public affairs team from the ground-up and launched WeWork in 25 cities while the company grew from 2,000 employees to more than 11,000 employees while developing WeWork's brand through public relations, government relations, community partnerships, social impact and special projects.

Kareem Grant


A former management consultant and investment banker, Kareem began his software development career after completing a software development program in 2013. Kareem is passionate about building software and sharing his knowledge of programming. In the past, he served as the lead instructor for CodeNow; a non-profit focused on introducing underrepresented youth to coding. His specialties include product development, strategy, data analysis, and team-building. Kareem is currently a lead product manager for a blockchain startup in NYC.

Samantha Holloway

Board Member

Samantha leads Customer Success, Support, Sales & Marketing at GoSpotCheck to deliver business impact to enterprise category leaders around the world. Samantha is a former retail entrepreneur with graduate degrees in business and psychology from the University of Denver. Samantha's vision and customer advocacy inform GoSpotCheck's product roadmap to guide innovations in machine learning, image recognition, and intelligent workforce collaboration. GoSpotCheck believes business has a fundamental imperative to help solve the complex challenges facing our planet today. Samantha's building a company that helps front line teams succeed so the enterprises they serve can do just that.

Roz Lemieux

Board Member

Roz is a Senior Director of Platform Product Management at Blackbaud Inc., the world's leading cloud software company powering social good. In her current role, Roz oversees Blackbaud's developer and core platform strategy, Blackbaud Labs, and the Social Good Startup initiative. Previously, Roz was the CEO of (acquired by Blackbaud in 2016) and a founding partner of Fission Strategy (now, a creative agency that has helped hundreds of organizations design and run integrated digital campaigns. She served as Executive Director of the New Organizing Institute (NOI), a training institute for tech-enabled grassroots organizers. Roz gained experience in digital organizing as an early member of the team, serving as the Feminist Majority Foundation's web team director, and running her own consulting practice. She has won awards for her work, including a Stevie Award for Women in Business, a Campaigns & Elections Innovator award, the Women's Information Network 'Young Women of Achievement' award. She has served on the boards of the National Priorities Project and the Chattahoochee Hills Charter School; and as an advisor to LP2X, an Atlanta-based incubator for female-founded businesses. She is a contributing author to Mechanical Bull: How You Can Achieve Startup Success and a forthcoming textbook about ethics in political communications.

Neal Sales-Griffin

Vice Chairman of the Board

Neal works as the CEO of CodeNow, a nationally recognized non-profit organization working to expose high school students to programming. Neal was a part of launching the accelerated software training industry, co-founding The Starter League in 2011 and running the organization through acquisition in 2016. For Turing, Neal leverages his deep connections to the tech education industry along with the perspective of an entrepreneur to help our continued growth.

Bree Thomas

Chairwoman of the Board

Bree is the Chief Product Officer at Vangst. Her career stretches over 15 years leading product and marketing teams in growth and innovation. She began her career agency-side, developing international campaigns and software for consumer lifestyle brands including Audi, The North Face, Vans, Oakley, Beats by Dre, Happy Madison Productions, and Paramount Pictures. She took a detour to learn how to write code with Turing, and was also an instructor for Turing's front-end program. Well versed across a variety of other verticals, including healthcare, education, fast-casual food, commercial insurance, and the cannabis industry, Bree brings a unique breadth of perspective from her experience in being a Turing alum to helping early-to-mid-stage startups scale to market-leading differentiators.

Tyler Willis

Board Member

Tyler is the co-founder of Unsupervised, which builds AI that helps people make better decisions, and is an investor in some well-known technology companies like Lyft, Patreon, Calm, Long-Term Stock Exchange, and others. In addition to this work, Tyler co-founded three non-profit organizations and has worked on causes related to housing, economic inequity, and medical research.

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