Interview Tips

Congratulations on making it to the final interview stage for Turing School’s Program! We are excited to learn more about you as a person and your goals for joining our program. Before your interview, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you review and implement the following tips.

Download and Install Zoom

We conduct all of our interviews remotely using Zoom. We recommend downloading Zoom to your computer, laptop or mobile device. You will likely need to give Zoom permission to use your camera and microphone as well. You will also need to give Zoom permission to share your screen. We recommend doing some tests with the Zoom software to ensure that you are feeling familiar comfortable with the technology before the interview. For example, we may ask you to share your screen to review the application/technology you covered in your application.

Find a Suitable Space for the Interview

Since we will be conducting your interview remotely over Zoom, we recommend that you find a quite, secluded place that is free of distractions to conduct your interview. We also recommend testing your internet and Zoom connection in this location to ensure that everything runs smoothly during your interview. You can also experiment with some of the built-in Zoom backgrounds or blurred backgrounds if your quiet location has a lot of visual distractions in the background. For example, you may want to use a blurred background if you are working in place with people walking by, such as a library or coffee shop.

Practice Before the Interview

Our goal of the interview is to get a better understanding of who you are and what makes you a good fit for the Launch Program. We want to learn more about how you handle challenges, how you stay organized, how you work with others, and other questions designed to gauge your passion for software programming and your ability to contribute positively to our community. We recommend spending some time gathering your thoughts to these themes and practicing speaking about these ideas with a friend or family member. It may feel awkward, but doing some practice speaking out loud before the interview will help you be better prepared to show us your best self and answer questions clearly!

Present Yourself in a Professional Way

While we do not expect you to dress up in fancy clothes for our interview, we do recommend that you present yourself in a “professional” manner, including being mindful of the language you use and your outfit choices.

Prepare Questions and Take Notes

We recommend coming to the interview with at least a few questions prepared - this shows that you are doing some research into our program and ensuring that we are a good fit for your goals! We also recommend having a notebook handy during the interview so you can jot down any ideas or questions that come up during the interview itself.