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Need to hire talented software developers? Look no further than Turing School alumni. We have a proven track record in training excelleng software developers from diverse backgrounds who can immediately add value to your team.

Join 300+ tech industry partners who have hired a software developer from Turing.

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From our first software engineer to some of our most recent, Turing has been a consistent source of eager, well-balanced software engineers that have become trusted, core members of our team.

- Guild Education


We hired a junior software developer from the Turing School, I was impressed with how well prepared she was to enter the workforce as a developer. She contributed to the team immediately and is still a high performing team member.

- Frontier Airlines


Unsure about hiring a junior developer? That’s OK. Employers who aren’t familiar with the quality of Turing grads or don’t have junior positions available can partner with us through Turing+.

Turing+ is a three-month, full-time, paid fellowship to provide real-world experience to graduates of our program who are job seeking.

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Hiring partners have frequently told us they don’t have the knowledge or capacity to ramp-up junior developers. Turing+ is our solution to de-risk the hiring process, ensure a smooth onboarding process, and most importantly, train productive team members for long and fulfilling technical careers.

Jeff Casimir,

Founder and Executive Director, Turing School

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Turing School is committed to helping employer partners find the best software developers. We’ll work closely to understand your needs and directly refer candidates for consideration.

Email Robyn Purvin at robyn@turing.edu if you are looking for quality software engineers or to learn more about getting involved with our three month fellowship program, Turing+.