Application Tips

Before you start your application, we strongly recommend that you review these tips on how to set yourself up for success!

Save your work as you go

  • Our application includes several questions that require providing a detailed response. Rather than working directly in the application, we recommend taking some time to formulate your responses and moving them to the application only once you are satisfied with your answers. We recommend saving your work in a separate place, such as using Google Documents + Google Drive. Also, this will allow you to revisit your answers when it comes time for your interview.

Get feedback from your friends, family and community

  • Many of the questions on the application ask about your past experiences in life, school, and work. We know it can be tough to figure out the best experience to highlight, which is why we recommend reviewing and discussing the questions with your friends, family and/or community to help you figure out the best experience to discuss in your application.

Be specific

  • The purpose of these questions is for us to get to know you as a person and get a sense of how you handle challenges, working with others, and what makes you prepared for Turing's program. We recommend being as detailed as possible in your responses so we can have a better understanding of what makes you, YOU!

We look forward to seeing you implement these tips in your application!

Good luck!