Apply today to our Front End or Back End program & grab a spot in our May 2023 cohort!
We are now accepting applications to our newest Launch Program for the March 2023 cohort!

Front End & Back End Programs

Admissions at Turing is always open, with cohorts beginning approximately every 7 weeks.

Turing students are required to live within 2 hours (+/-) MST.

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and different walks of life. Students who are successful at Turing are open-minded problem solvers who demonstrate an aptitude for logical thinking, a willingness to work hard, and an enthusiasm about shaking up the tech industry. Ready to change your life? Contact if you have any questions.

Round 1

Online Application
Front End & Back End Programs

Apply here. Expect to spend 1-2 hours on the entire application which consists of:

Basic Information

Share your contact information and your desired cohort start date.

More About You

We want to understand what you've done in your past. There are no must-have items here. We've had students come to Turing straight out of high school, others with college degrees and some with decades of work experience. Please answer the questions honestly and tell us your story!

Logic Games

Writing code is about logical thinking. In this series of small exercises, you can demonstrate your aptitude for problem solving. Looking to practice before you dive in? Try looking up sample LSAT questions.

Round 2


After submitting an application, applicants are generally notified within 2 business days with a decision. If the applicant scored a minimum of 5/8 on the logic quiz they will be invited to schedule a zoom interview. The interview consists of two parts:

Collaborative Logic Exercise

Collaborative exercise with your interviewer, similar to the Logic Games in Round 1, to see how you approach problem solving.


Conversation to gauge your passion for software programming and ability to contribute positively to our community.

After your interview, you will find out within 3 business days if you have been accepted to Turing.

Round 3

Front End & Back End Programs

Select your desired cohort start date, pick either the Front End or Back End Engineering program, select your Module 0 session, and pay your deposit. After you enroll, you will be offered resources, information, and the opportunity to connect with our Financial Aid Coordinator to talk through your transition to becoming a full-time student.

Cohorts for both full-time programs begin approximately every 7 weeks. We suggest applying once you have made your decision to ensure you have secured a seat in your desired cohort. Space is limited so that we can maintain an ideal instructor-to-student ratio, and cohorts usually fill up before the enrollment deadline!

Application Deadline
Cohort Start Date
November 21, 2022
January 30, 2023
January 9, 2023
March 20, 2023
February 27, 2023
May 8, 2023
April 24, 2023
July 3, 2023
June 12, 2023
August 21, 2023
July 31, 2023
October 9, 2023
September 18, 2023
November 27, 2023

*This requirement may be waived for those veteran students eligible for GI Bill® benefits upon submission of a statement of benefits in accordance with 38 USC 3679(e). No late fees, penalties, denial of access to classes or facilities, or requirement of borrowing additional funds will be made to veterans or their dependents using the GI Bill® due to a delay in payment of tuition or fees from the VA.

Contact Us

If you have questions about admissions, please visit our FAQs or email